Green Eco Cash

Green Eco Cash is Green Eco Bank's Cashback program. Your financial transactions and purchases in our store generate cashback for donations.

GREEN ECO CASH is an innovative CASHBACK program, which returns money to the customer for each banking transaction carried out on their Green Eco Bank account or for each purchase made in GREEN ECO CASH marketplace stores, to be transferred as a donation to the environmental project or social that the customer chose to support.  

In an unprecedented way, the GREEN ECO CASH program allows customers to make donations by simply moving their account at Green Eco Bank or making a purchase in marketplace stores, transforming the traditional banking relationship or the simple purchase of a good or service , in an act of donation.    

With the GREEN ECO CASH program, the customer is sure that their available account balance, the payment of a bill, tax or utility bill (energy, telephone...), or even a simple purchase of a product in Marketplace stores are events that generate money back to be donated to social and environmental causes.