A community for you to awaken social and environmental awareness.

A platform with simple, transparent and sustainable solutions!

Green Eco

In the Green Eco Community you will have access to several solutions to promote Donations and be a protagonist in your choice of how to contribute to social and environmental causes.

Green Eco

Green Eco Cash is Green Eco Bank's Cashback program. Your financial transactions and purchases in our store generate cashback for donations.


ECOPAY is GREEN ECO BANK's digital payment account, aimed at individuals and legal entities, enabling payment of bills and bank payment slip , PIX and TED, acquisition of cell phone credit and deposit via bank slip, all at palm of your hand, on your cell phone.


Green Eco Bank offers a donation platform, where it is possible to make monthly or occasional donations, to one or more available organizations.

Ecological disposal of

Electronic waste

Turning electronic waste into sustainability

Green Eco Disposal

Partnership with Ciclic.

The Green Eco Bank has a partnership with Ciclic for the commercialization of Insurance, Protection and Services & Loans.

Green Eco Bank customers will be able to contract Ciclic's products and services 100% online, according to their real needs, in a simple and practical way.

Ciclic carries the endorsement of BB Seguros and the reference of Principal Financial Group, its two shareholders.

What's more, we're donating a portion of the proceeds from every purchase to social projects! portion of the proceeds to social and environmental projects!

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Why become a Green Eco Bank customer.

The Green Eco Bank is a 100% digital payment institution, serving individuals and companies quickly, simply and securely.

Through the donation platform of Green Eco BankYou can help social and environmental causes with convenience and transparency.


GREEN ECO BANK has both individual and corporate clients, as well as government entities, municipalities and foundations.

In order to use the financial services, it is necessary to become a GREEN ECO BANK client, and the client, regardless of its size, must comply with all the legislation of the Central Bank of Brazil, the National Monetary Council and other national and foreign regulatory bodies.

In order to start a relationship with the Customer, it is mandatory to fully identify the Customer by filling in the data in the system that will be kept up to date by GREEN ECO BANK.

Partnerships for donations.

The Green Eco Bank has a donation platform in partnership with various organizations working on social and environmental projects.

On this platform, within the APP, it is possible for each client to determine which Organization the funds will go to. It is possible to choose the amount that will be debited, either monthly or from the payment account.

APABB - Tax incentive donation.

Did you know that it is possible to encourage social projects through your income tax return? The Federal Sports Incentive Law (Lei Federal de Incentivo ao Esporte - LIE) allows any individual who files their income tax return in Brazil with the option of legal deductions (the old complete model) or a legal entity taxed on the basis of real profit, to allocate part of their contribution to sports and para-sports programs. 

Among these projects is the Apabb Movement Project (apabb.org.br). As well as supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities, the amount donated has a tax incentive. The contribution will be deducted from your income tax liability by up to 7% for individuals and up to 2% for companies: if you have tax to pay, you will pay less or if you have tax to be refunded, your return will be increased by the amount donated.

The Movimento Project is aimed at people with and without disabilities, of various age groups. The focus is on disabled people, but non-disabled people are also allowed to take part in the project's activities, with a view to inclusion in a practical way. Participants are divided into groups according to the characteristics of their disability and different abilities, ensuring that the activities are carried out safely, effectively and in a way that is compatible with the specific needs of the beneficiaries.

For APABB, the role of sport is to expand the possibilities of movement, autonomy for activities of daily living, playfulness and interactivity, promoting the integral development of the human being. The project's direct service activities (sports classes) are carried out by physical education professionals with experience in physical activities for people with disabilities. 

With its own methodology, the action is based on learning and the search to overcome limits, through the development of individual and group potential. In the classes, the professionals encourage the unrestricted participation of everyone, regardless of the level of impairment and motor and sensory skills, seeking their development, autonomy and expansion of skills. 

In this way, it is clear that participation sport is a sport that welcomes people with disabilities, does not discriminate against participants on the basis of different levels of ability, and gives everyone the opportunity to experience sport, sometimes adapted, without the need for high performance and in line with the individual possibilities of each student.

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More partnerships.

The Green Eco Bank seeks to work with partners linked to social and environmental causes so that, together with our clients, we can improve people's lives and help preserve the environment.

As an example, we have partnerships with companies that work with waste composting, involving the separation of organic waste in homes and businesses, collection, composting and transformation into fertilizer for gardens and home gardens, companies that recycle cooking oil with correct disposal, including transforming it into Biodiesel.

In addition to the partnership modality between GREEN ECO BANK and the Organizations of the
Civil Society, we offer our clients the possibility of discounts with our commercial partners.

These benefits can be acquired through vouchers or discounts, and there may be one-off or permanent campaigns throughout your journey in our Community. 

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Corporate governance

The Corporate Governance established by GREEN ECO BANK is the set of principles and practices that express the commitment of senior management and partners in the pursuit of standards of conduct, fair and equal treatment of all, such as employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, partners, service providers, partner financial institutions and the community in general.

Commitment and Sustainability.

In the view of Green Eco Bank, operating sustainably means acting with awareness and social and environmental responsibility throughout the life cycle of its activities, as well as consistently contributing to the transformation of society towards sustainable development, creating a business model that combines economic growth with social and environmental needs.

The Green Eco Bank seeks to promote educational and financial actions that encourage sustainable practices, disseminate the efficient use and responsible consumption of water, energy and other natural resources and materials, as well as actions to combat climate change and fight poverty and hunger in Brazil. 

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