GREEN ECO BANK was born in 2019, with the main objective of awakening environmental and financial awareness among its customers

performing the provision of services and the offering financial products in a simple way, with technological innovation and security


The Digital Banking revolution brought customers and banks closer together, providing much more efficient and assertive financial experiences. GREEN ECO BANK's performance precisely meets the growing demand from consumers, who are increasingly focused on environmental preservation, as well as linked to the need for financial awareness, thus avoiding a lack of long-term financial planning and over-indebtedness.

GREEN ECO BANK is a 100% digital Payment Institution, complete, with service aimed at individuals and companies in a fast, simple and secure way, enabling real-time financial transactions, depending on the chosen modality. The practicality of GREEN ECO BANK, with service at various levels, anytime and anywhere, allows access to a complete digital platform for financial products.

With the corporate account, GREEN ECO BANK seeks to offer speed, convenience and financial security that small entrepreneurs need, as well as financial products and services to all market segments. GREEN ECO BANK is a Payment Institution, in the form of card issuance, prepaid and postpaid, digital payment account, also acting with accreditation of commercial establishments and processing of credit card operations, as well as in the function prepaid, through a payment arrangement with its own flag.

It is noteworthy that there are few competitors in the Payment Institution market that offer consumers such a wide range of products and services, with low operating costs, offering a complete platform. The services provided by GREEN ECO BANK seek to offer alternatives to traditional commercial banks, always making the customer aware of the risks, as well as the advantages of each financial product offered. GREEN ECO BANK is constantly concerned with preserving the environment. The speed of climate change and the direct consequences on the daily life of the global population, makes it necessary to create environmental awareness, in order to guarantee the future of the next generations. The Environmental Education proposed by GREEN ECO BANK is responsible for awakening in its customers the concern with environmental problems, always seeking the conservation and preservation of natural resources and sustainability, addressing the economic, social, political and ethical aspects involved.


The GREEN ECO BANK has individual and corporate clients, as well as government entities, autarchies and foundations. To use financial services it is necessary to become a customer of GREEN ECO BANK , and the customer, regardless of their size, must comply with all the legislation of the Central Bank of Brazil, Monetary Council National and other national and foreign regulatory bodies. In order to start a relationship with the Client, it is mandatory to complete the Client's identification, by filling in data in the system that will be kept up to date by GREEN ECO BANK .

GREEN ECO BANK carries out a set of actions to ensure the identity and activity of customers, as well as the possibility of identifying the origin and constitution of assets and financial resources of its customers, depending on the type of relationship with the Payment Institution. The procedures aim to guarantee, with precision and at any time, the identity, the activity and the coherence in the origin and the movement of resources of the clients, natural or legal persons. These procedures are one of the most important pillars in the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism (PLD / FT), as well as in the identification of people classified as PEP (Politically Exposed People) according to current legislation and in compliance with the provisions issued by COAF .



ECOPAY is the GREEN ECO BANK digital payment account, aimed at individuals and companies, enabling payments to be made, receiving and transmitting financial resources, paying merchants, settlement of slips, withdrawals from self-service terminals, the acquisition of credits for mobile phones , streaming and transportation services, all straight from your cell phone.


With the GREEN ECO BANK Payment Account there is the possibility to load and transmit credit to the payment account via QR Code. The QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be easily scanned using most cell phones equipped with a camera. This code is converted into text, a URI address, a phone number, a georeferenced location, an email, a contact or an SMS, providing payment for a product or service quickly and securely.


Mobile phone recharge platform with the main telephone operators in the country, recharge of transport services, streaming services and games.


The GREEN ECO BANK performs through its platform, intermediation, with the offer of insurance as an authorized Distributor of national and foreign Insurers and Reinsurers.


GREEN ECO BANK uses its platform, the option for its individual and corporate customers to pay their bills, debits and bank slips, in a secure environment, providing convenience financial payment transactions.


The Corporate Governance instituted by GREEN ECO BANK constitutes the set of principles and practices that express the commitment of the Senior Management and the partners in the search for standards of conduct, in the fair and equal treatment of all, such as employees, customers, suppliers, regulatory bodies, partners, service providers, partner financial institutions and the community in general.

The purpose of good Corporate Governance practices is to improve the Institution's performance, with a constant demonstration of transparency and impartiality in management, as well as the application of the set of good practices that define and govern the GREEN ECO BANK for the common good of all involved and with the purpose of preserving and optimizing the company's value.

The GREEN ECO BANK Corporate Governance model establishes the mandatory formation and maintenance of Committees, created by the Executive Board, with the objective of, together with the Audit Internal and External Audit, to promote studies, policies, and to establish guidelines for the regular functioning of the Payment Institution, and to assist the Executive Board in making decisions. The Committees are also responsible for developing, jointly with the Executive Board and the Compliance Department, the Risk Management Policies and Contingency Plans.


The GREEN ECO BANK constantly acts in the Financial Education of its clients, with the provision of information and content aiming that its clients improve their understanding of financial products. With clear information, training and guidance, customers acquire the values ​​and skills necessary to become aware of the opportunities and risks associated with them and then make informed choices. Thus, Financial Education is a process that consistently contributes to the formation of responsible individuals and societies, committed to the future. The financial products offered to customers may contain complex and varied content, so it is necessary to constantly improve customer awareness in decision-making, both when making credit, as well as in short, medium and long term investments.

GREEN ECO BANK seeks to work with customers, working to encourage the consumption of content related to financial education, with the aim of encouraging the habit of investing, stimulating responsibility for using credit and promoting behavioral changes based on good personal finance practices. GREEN ECO BANK makes available on its platforms content produced by GREEN ECO BANK , as well as by several government partners , Federations and Associations, in addition to the Consumer Protection Agencies.

Environmental Commitment

In the GREEN ECO BANK vision, operating with sustainability means acting with socioeconomic and environmental awareness and responsibility throughout the life cycle of its activities, as well as contributing consistently to the transformation of society towards sustainable development, creating a business model that combines economic growth with social and environmental needs. GREEN ECO BANK seeks to promote educational and financial actions that encourage sustainable practices, disseminate the efficient use and responsible consumption of water, energy and other natural and material resources, as well as actions to combat climate change.

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